Interactive virtual workshops and keynotes from Charles Matheus, leadership and organizational visionary.

Charles (12)

Bullet-Proof Leadership 

The 21st Century is calling for a new kind of leader – one who knows how to promote interdependence, inclusion, honesty, and vulnerability.

Download the "Back Up Your" one-sheet with 24 concrete suggestions for improving your leadership. 

Not another boring

Zoom call.

After decades teaching and presenting all over the country in classroom, wilderness settings, and conference rooms, Charles knows how to use all available tools to share ideas and support learning. 

Charles gave the most engaging Zoom workshop we’ve ever had. He kept everyone’s attention mid- way through a long day of training” - Kelli Bradstreet, PUSD Training Coordinator


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Content that makes a difference

Charles combines his 35 years experience as a leader with knowledge of the the latest trends and findings to create presentations with relevant, actionable content.

"Very good and thought provoking workshop. You made me explore my techniques!!!" - Beth R. 

Workshop & Keynotes

new strength

Leading with New Strength

Circumstances are calling for a new kind of leader – one who creates inclusive, interdependent, equitable work teams.

Available as a workshop or keynote, this presentation will make new leadership tasks more accessible with a simple, strength-based path to mastery

core values

Leading with Core Values

Learn how integrated personal values can bolster a business or work team through tough times and hard decisions. 

Expect to leave this workshop with a set of defined personal/professional values and a readiness to deploy them in your business. 

care less

Caring Less - Doing More

We can supervise and support employees better and improve productivity by promoting an engaged detachment.

Also available as workshop or keynote. Either will help leaders re-center their work on the employee experience to help promote more intrinsic motivation and creativity, leaving the supervisor  left with more energy.